How can we help

Goleudy Victim and Witness Service will provide:

  • A single point of contact throughout the whole victim journey from first reporting the incident to the Police, throughout the investigation and criminal justice process and beyond.
  • Support for all victims of crime who require help whether the incident has been reported to the Police or not.
  • A focus on those who have suffered the greatest impact from crime namely; victims of serious crime, repeat victims and the most vulnerable and intimidated.

Goleudy staff are trained to provide:

  • High standards of care for victims and witnesses in the criminal justice system.
  • Regular and confidential support via telephone, text or email to all victims and witnesses who request help, regardless of whether they have reported a crime or not.
  • Access to emotional support via face to face meetings or home visits as and when appropriate. ¬†Services will be tailored to an individual’s needs.
  • Practical assistance which can include signposting to other partnerships and agencies in your community.
  • Support for young victims of crime with the consent of parents or guardians.
  • Advocacy – guidance and support to assist a victim’s recovery and ensuring that entitlements are received.
  • Guidance on participation in restorative justice¬†which offers mediation between victims and offenders.
  • Support and assistance for Criminal Injuries Compensation Applications (CICA).
  • Empowerment through continued support from our dedicated team.
  • Further information on what you can expect, see Victim Information Pack.

You can also find local and national organisations and services that can help you by visiting Dewis Cymru.