Our Team

Here are the Help Hub staff who can guide you towards the assistance you need.

Bev Complex Caseworker

  • My background is in working in substance misuse, domestic abuse and helping young people in to work and education. My posts have included team leader, support worker and training advisor.

Carly Victim Care Officer

  • I have a background of working with children with behavioural difficulties and have experience of working with offenders with substance misuse and mental health issues.

Carol Complex Caseworker

  • My background includes working in the Ministry of Defence Civil Service and criminal justice agencies where I was involved in community engagement and supporting victims and witnesses through the criminal justice process.

Claire Victim Care Officer

  • I have volunteered with an organisation supporting parents and children finding it difficult to adapt to family life. I also have experience of working with a child who has challenging behaviour.

Natalie Victim Care Officer

  • I studied law at university before travelling and volunteering abroad with children. Back in the UK I worked with traumatised children in care for nearly five years.

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